Monday, 28 September 2009

Dorian Gray (New Version)

So I watched the new interpretation of Oscar Wilde's 'The Picture Of Dorian Gray' (just known as Dorian Gray now) a few weeks back randomly actually, not knowing what it was entirely about, although I did recognise his name from 'The League Of Extraordinary Gentleman'...

Directed by Oliver Parker, and Starring Ben Barnes, and Colin Firth, I felt personally this was a really great film, previous to reading some criticism in an 'Empire' Review,
perhaps this was due to not reading the original piece of work, or the original film...

After his Grand-Father dying, Dorian inherits his house and moves to London, after living in the country he has a great sense of right and wrong, as is quite respectful, and reclusive, but some what naive and easily led, and after meeting with the locals and his Grand-Fathers acquaintances, he soon makes his place in the social environment.

I loved the relationship between Henry (Colin Firth) and Dorian (Ben Barnes) and how Henry slowly eroded Dorian's innocence, as well as his moral, creating him into his own ideals, and even surpassing them to the point where he changed beyond reason.

Without giving to much away, Oscar Wilde basically plays around with the notion that a portrait can capture the essence of one soul at a point in time, and exaggerating it dramatically, but to the point where we can have a glimpse of 'immortality' and judge the outcome of it. as well as human nature, and what it is to grow.

Whether it be Oscar Wilde's concept of Dorian, or Oliver Parker's interpretation, the character was executed amazingly well, and in all honesty, It was one of the best films I've seen in a while, both visually, as well as the in-depth to the story-line, and I'm looking forward to watching 'Albert Lewin's' deliverance of this great piece of work, and comparing the two

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  1. ... and now that you have watched both, what are your thoughts?