Monday, 21 September 2009

Foundation BTEC Final Major Project: Alpha/Omega

Just to give you a lil idea bout how I work, here's my FMP from last year Foundation...The specialism I chose was Fine Art...Simply becuase i just love to experiment...

The idea for this particular piece was to Illustrate a narrative, but iI wanted try a different approach, by producing it in mixed media, as wll as both 2D and 3D

I love the concept of begining a story...or a journey...and the end of it being somewhat simmilar to the start.....and i really wanted to portray it in this piece...So basicaly, i took this concept, and used myself as the subject, for a pesonal response....and chose 'Love' as the journey.

With this in mind....i wanted to portray the daker side of it always seems to be preached as a marvellous emotion....which s true...but wat happens wen it stops..ends abruptly? So to contrast the 'Alpha' of love...the begining, when you feel like you hve eveything....and the 'omega'...the end...i decide to use 2 versions of myself to really portray just how different the outcome is fro the start...

Using a Narrative, I took some lyrics from a song that really stood out at me at the time, from 'The Script' called 'The End Where I Begin' which was quite fitting...and took out the passage 'Somimes tears say all there is to say, somtimes your first scars wont ever fade away', which I felt really portrayed the meaning i wanted to get across in the illustration.

I felt that characterising both 'Alpha' and 'Omega' would be the most effective way to contrast the two...and I needed to make a distinct difference with between them both to do so

The whole peice in itsef is full of small subtle messages that are open to suggestion, but have there own meanings, such as the background itself being placed in a desert type wasteland, suggesting that of the state of mind, the cityscape in the backround representing the distancing over the self from others whilst in pain..., the cliffs to support strength and distance, and the steps mergng from them to show decension, the sunset supporting the beauty of love...and how it will come to an well as the characters itself, and their layout:

Alpha; placed above Omega, showing how he is superior, the colour pallete using very light tones, the huge white wing, showing how heavenly love feels...and all-together a very light hearted...
Omega; low down, crouching as if weakend some sort of injury, the colour of the body and hair using very cold tones, as well as grosteque shading...the gaping rip in the skin showing the heart
portraying vunerablity, the keyhole, suggesting the locking away of ones heart from any more pain...and finally the burnt out, black though fallen from the once heavenly emotion...


MDF: 2440x1220x9mm
2D: Vinyl Matt (Base) Acrylic, Watercolour, Pencil, Pen, Ink, Bleach, Spray Paint
3D: P.V.A, Plaster, Wire, Wax Duck Feathers

I wanted to explain this peice to give a good idea about me and my work, and how I pour myself into each peice, because it really does sum up what im about, I really dislike working without there being some sort of message, or meaning behind it, or working towards one at least...

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