Tuesday, 22 September 2009

The Story So Far.....

After the last few talks on our new brief....(Unit 1: Anatomy) I've got a few idea's swimming around in my head....with help from the discussions from the Seminar today, it seems to me that this particular area has so much to work with, it's actually overwhelming just how broad it really is...It's like every idea you have has a double edge to, which in a way gives more depth to it, but if your trying to accomplish a particular and definite concept, kinda doesnt help lol

There are however, a few themes that have stuck out to me above the rest, as well as artists who have seemed support them:

Gerald Ritcher's 'Betty'

This particular image really causes an uneasiness with me, i constantly feel like I want to see her face, know her story, and yet, that well never happen, and it's interesti
ng how the lack of a face or even the direction of one can cause certain atmosphere's in a piece, for example, the side of a face can show perhaps an introvert personality of the character, where as a portrait face on could suggest confrontation, as thought the model is 'peering into your soul'..

Egon Schiele:

Schiele really never left anything unsaid when it came to his work, unlike most portraiture works, he portrayed himself mainly as this grotesque, disfigured being that really showed his vision of himself, as far as perhaps self-loathing, his work challenges that of similar 'traditional' concepts of
portraiture. It's interesting in a sense, because most work of this nature shows us what the artist, or perhaps even the model wants us to portray them like, making changes to their original self, and this case is no different, as there are exaggerations in his pieces, but it's unusual for the work to actually portray the artists inner emotions, trailing
away from the ideologies of 'Beauty' and 'Strength'

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