Tuesday, 22 September 2009

The Story So Far....2

Following along the same lines as my last post, there were a few more artists that I felt gave more of an edge to the different aspects of portraiture, and challenge that tradions

Frida Khalo:

Now im not really a big fan of Frida Khalo, but there was somthing about this particular piece that really stood out to me...

When I first saw this image in the Lecture, it instantly showed promise, to me it felt remiscent to industrial/surrealism, which is already a good start to any artist in my book, as there seems to be a deeper message behing the peice, as well as some discomfort with the artists symoblisms of herself, such as the broken coloumn, which suggest's perhaps injuries suffered, in metaphorically speaking, the weakness in herself...and the pins and bandages being the only things keeping her 'together', alongside the background, representing a barren wasteland, representing the state of mind she may be in at this current time...

I find it intresting how simple, but effect Khalo's use of messaging is in her work

John Stezaker:

Already aware of some of Stezakers work, when he propped up in the lecture, I was surprised when I found that his image was completly different from what i'd seen previously last year, but still carried simmliar traits to his past work.

The work I've known him for prior to the 2nd Lecture, was similar to the picture on the right, which consisted mostly of overlapping of two pictures, consistently portraits an lanscapes, but also two people, and arranging the layout in such a way, that would still produce an image of a face, that being either the outline, or perhaps facial features...

I always felt with Stezaker's work, the there as air of somthing quite chilling, wether it was some of the cold tones he used, or the lack of facial features in his work, that challanges what we would normally consider an ordinary face, and slightly twist it.

I really find the effect he produces, really intriguing....

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