Wednesday, 14 October 2009



This movement takes a slightly different approach the the human figure, though could be closely linked to Futurism, with the use of extensive geometric outlining, most works allow the viewer to see the piece in all planes, from every angle at the same time, following the concept that a 'head remains a head' no matter how you take it in, as long as the facial features are distrubuted..

Pablo Piccaso
Still Life: Painted Wood and Upholstery Fringe.

Some of the 3d work involved in the movement, consisted of used materials, crafted into a collage, rearranged and spliced with other objects, forming hybrids to create a more surrealist, geometric outcome, allowing a different prospective of the once object, and or objects, by showing again, different planes and angles that where once opposing one another...

I think I can take aboard these concepts and use them in some of my work to be thanks for the heads up phil!

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