Thursday, 15 October 2009

Dan Mumford!!!

So I wanted to put my own personal spin into this project, and bring something new the table,  introducing Dan Mumford, one of my fav artists...there so much I like about his work, alot of which is commerical for bands, i.e logo's, album art, illustrations, prints etc... Some of his work can be very dark, but uses tonal vibrancy which would be stereotypically be used in more lighter works, alongside heavy oultling and his trademarks swirls of philigary...whilst using alot of sybolicness, it also keeps his work simple...with a little depth, but also allowing the viewer freedom to read into his works with ease

Apart from  that theres not much else to say, I do highly recommend you check him out, in this case im gunna save you from the essays and let you enjoy, here's a link also to his website

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