Thursday, 29 October 2009

Detective Desk

So here's the belated Detective Desk Render, here's the original layers:

Beauty Pass

Ambient Occlusion


And the final Overlay including a Lens Blur for realisim:


  1. Bob,

    Do you have a valid reason for missing todays classes? Did you notify Jackie?

  2. Oh dear - remember what I said about 'Maya dodging'? Did you attend the graphics tablet classes with Phil Hosking? If not - why not? A) you would have loved it, and B) you're going to fall behind and you know from past experience that the technical stuff trips you up... don't be a numpty - attend, attend, attend (and, if you're ill, let Jackie Andrew know as I've instructed you guys to do about a ga - zillion times!).

  3. I'm, going to be honest, I actually had plans I couldnt miss for friday, i know I missed out hugely, and I'll sort that, it was just one of those unavoidable things, totally forgot to get hold of jackie aswell, but I'll get ontop of things next week. apologies again.