Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Francis Bacon

So....hopefully no-ones done research on him yet, to be honet I totally forgot about this artist, so fingers crossed everyonedid, because right now i feel like im doing things eveyone else has done, so it's quite frustrating when your trying out...

Which is exactly what thi artist had the tendancy to do in his works, at first a few years back, I heard of his work, saw a few images and just thought WTF is this crap..but after a while, I quite liked some of his work, maybe it was down to it being completely different from my own style, and I'm a sucker for change and difference...

His work maninly focusing on the disfiguration of the human body, notably on the head, and the mouth in particular, (from which he drew inspiration from ' The Battleship Potemikin' in the Odessa Steps scene, a film I hate to the core after studying for film lol)  where most of his works revolved around for a period of time. His groqtesqueness developed more over the years as he portrayed more of himelf and his experiences through his artowork...

There's somthing quite dark, and haunting about his work, wether it's the composition of the pieces, the horribly vibrant fleshy contrast of skin tones, or the opposing of dead greyscale to green decaying skin, the manipulation of the face, or purely the sense of something missing, there is a powerful aura around his work that draws you in.

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  1. Thats cool research yah did there Bob Im working on this guy too!
    I got some books if yah interested let me know ok?