Wednesday, 14 October 2009


After Phil gave me some advice in the Online Interim, I decided to take it and check out the direction he pointed me in...which lead me to the above

In a nutshell, basically ditching the past for the future...but there's some interesting elements within this theme, such as capturing motion within a still image, or object.

Unique Forms Of Continuity In Space

Everytime I go to the Tate, I see this particular peice, and wether it be the one tone gold/bronze cast, or the size of the object, it just really captivates me, there's just somthing about the way it captures the sense of motion, allowing a still sculpture to appear as though it is moving, walking in a heavy steed foward, encoding  the scuplture with speed and dynamism. Others could look into the way this shap takes fluidity, for example why the figure is moving, and for what purpose, why in that direction, which personally for me, gives the peice alot more depth.

This work in particual focusing on the motion of the human figure could also be linked to the works of Eadward Muybridge, who was famous for the capturing of a horse gallop in freeze frame around '1872' he concentrated most of his work there-after on movements of everyday
life within fractions of seconds in photogrpahy.

Eadward Muybridge
”Walking and turning around rapidly with a satchel in one hand, a cane in the other

I find the way in which futurist have defined themselves to break nature, embrace technology and marvel in it very simmilar to some of the concepts I had running around in my head, though futurist have depicted their ideals differently from how I would, for instance I would take futurism to a more literal approach, such as the combination of both machine and man, which is lightly touched with elements of futurism, for example Boccioni's 'Unique...' which manipulates the human form into a fliud motion, makes suggestion to a human facial features such as crevases and curvatures, but uses a cubist approach to detract away from humanity,so it's really refreshing to see simmilar concepts in a different light.

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