Friday, 23 October 2009

Glass Bottle/Alcohol Render

So here's the render of my bottle with drink in it


  1. You forgot to smooth the geometry

  2. Hi Bobby,

    There seems to be quite a few Maya tutorials missing from your blog - Why is that? Its disapointing given that what you have produced is good and has some nice individual touches. Your work showed real promise in the early stages but seemed to disapear over the five weeks.

    Regarding the Maya classes I would very appreciate it if you didn't 'use your mobile, draw, or use facebook'. Even though I am looking at my Maya screen I can still see / hear whats happening in the room. Believe me its very distracting.

  3. yeh, sorry bout that, i'll keep that in mind next for the work i'll upload it as soon as, it was just down to time mangement, as well as the portraiture work