Thursday, 29 October 2009

Salvador Dali/Spellbound

Now, im a huge fan of surrealism, im not to sure what it is that draws me to it, perhaps it's the disconnection form reality, or the portrayl of a alter one, but eitherway, when i saw this image in the lecture, I instantly thought wow...

Taken from the film 'Spellbound', Alfed Hitchcock wanted Dali to work on the surreal scen is his movie, so it made sense with this unit to have a little peak at what he did...

As you can see, carries all the traits from his work, but used in the concept of a film, which is really interesting to see a different spin on his work..

I noticed after the lecture whilst watching 'Metropolis' that there was an image there beared an extreame likness in 'Spellbound', which just goes to show how inspirational Fritz Lang's peice really was...

Metropolis 'Danicing Maria Scene'


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  1. Here you go, Bob! The complete scene courtesy of Youtube!

    Do us a favour, and spread it around... :-)