Saturday, 31 October 2009

Weird....Gomenghast....Excerpt 1 Notes

Hahah, so I did a little research....turns out Titus Groan is part of a Trilogy under I did a lilttle more rooting round, read up on basic plotline...and some of it started sounding fammilar, then I found some images from a t.v series...

...turns out I used to watch it when I was younger haha....crazy...

Anywho...I've started to decode elements from each of the Ecerpts we've been's just some notes from them...

The Hall Of Bright Carvings:

Background Info:
Hammock errected at the far end
Feather Duster
Long boarded floor, white with dust, silent hall
Emerald Horse, Black and Olive head, Piebald Shark especially taken care of (less dust then others...stand out more?)
Winter/Summer(Time period?)
Nature of a Loft, Illuminated by 7 great candlavra suspended at intervals of night feet
Only one window opposing the entrance, giving little light
Stock of candles in small dark ante-room, robe, and huge, dusty vistors book and step-ladder
Ash-like dust  accumilating in four corners
Phalanx of colour
Brightness surging over dust like a highway for an emperor

Scene Info
Humid, sweltering after-noon, knocking at the door unsettles dust, thin bands of sunlight squeezing through thin cracks of window blind (which are down) candllight filling the wroom with inconcongrous radiance...Key in lock

I'm a bit confused as to how many scenes we do from each excerpt, for instance, my 1st one has 2 chapters, with 2 settings? Do I choose one from each? Help would be very...helpful lol


  1. Hi Bob,

    You are challenged to produce three different scenes; if memory serves, excerpt 1 of Titus Groan has an opening description of the castle in the opening paragraph (which is great), followed by the hall of bright carvings; as long as there are 3 different spaces depicted, you can pick the spaces that give you the strongest impression... I know that Mervyn Peake did his own illustrations and fantasy artist Rodney Matthews did an image of the Hall of Bright Carvings...

  2. Hi bob
    just a few images for you to check out iirc the penultimate image is an illustration of Gormenghast itself. And the last link could be useful as well

  3. ahhh thanks for the shout out, found some really cool images from this artist! helped alot