Monday, 16 November 2009

Edward Scissorhands 'Tim Burton'

Some would say this is one of Tim Burton's landmarks films, and I personally would have to agree, because there's just so much going on in this film that just makes it feel so magical, and with it's amazing use of theatrical, orchestrated music with thanks to 'Danny Elfman', that could make anyones hair stand on-end, simply becuase its so emotional and heartfelt. It's easy to say Tim Burton put alot of himself into this peice, from a personal aspect...this truly is a unique fairytale on the darkside

With the begining sequences depicting Edwards orgin through the quirky machinery, alot of Tim Burton's earlier darker styles can be seen, and are quite reminscent of it's predecessors, and are quick to set the mood, such as 'A Nightmare Before Christmas', as well as his newest addition '9' with the oddly shaped characterisations, which hastily moves to a scenery which completly juxtaposes this, as thought a completely different world altogether; a surban, american town, entirely toned in pastel, almost humorous as it does slightly 'over-exxagerate' the classic, captialistic american lifestyle, which is also highly portrayed through the charcters that reside there almost perfect lives...which could perhaps portray Burton's 'suffocation' or 'isolation' from this, with Edward being his Avatar...

It's almost as if this tiny little society was born out of the ideology of 1950's dream households, with artists such as 'Norman Rockwell' portraying how american life at that time thought it should have been, with the obident wife, and perfect kids, jobs/buisness etc..completely overwhelmed in consumerism...which is almost a slap in the face to his hometown in Burbank, California...

Or other generic Prints/Illustration's depicting simmlar conventions, to which people of our generation find undoubtly amusing, but then was quite a serious portrayal...

Which also reminded me again of a music video which I saw to a band a few years ago, which uses a simmilar theme, twists it entirely into somthing creepy...

Alongside the settings of the two worlds, wherein the characters reside, it's clear to see that there are scenes that convey certain aspects of Burton's past, for example, when they finally meet it's quite a dark moment, when Edward is in the attic, emeresed in the omnious dark, alone and isolated, until Peggy Boggs finds him, and brings him home, as thought taking an element from one world to another...he simply doesn't fit into his surroundings...almost a social well as when Edward leaves the ploice staion, and pshychiatrist describes him as a highly imanginative character, living in his own world,....which seems like a realistic interpretation of Burton...

With Johnny Depp playing the role of Edward, it's easy to say he gave an amazing perfomance in portraying his innocence and sadness, and in some senses almost cuteness, and as well as studying from silent films with actors such as Charlie Chaplin, he created the sense of sympathy without dialogue with perfection...within the shell of Burton (both visually and emotionally) challanging the other characterizations of his life, for example, with have the over-caring mother, the pushy, chummy father,who thinks buisness = success, (a very confromative element) which are mostly generic visions of realstic fammilies, but through the eyes of edward, it's clear these were quite problematic in his household...contrasting against the 'happy family' invison of suburban america...then we have the other elements, such as the bully (jock) who's common to anyone growing up but most intrestly seems to be the basis from 80's, in comparison to the 50's,(giving insight to Burton's teenage years), then the sexual intrest, Vincent Price, who clearly was an inpiration to him from a young age, act's as his 'surrogate father' and finally which Kim Boggs, who acts as the key motor in driving the story foward...the love intrest...caught up in a romantic fairytale with a gothcial twist,...

The ending itself, although it leads along the lines of traditional 'Fairytale' endings, it's actually surprisng that it didn't end the conventional way, which perhaps is what makes the film itself feel all that more heartfelt, with the final farewell, there's so much emotion packed into that can almost feel it....sybolically telling us somtimes we can destroy the things we we let them go...


  1. Evening Bob - yes, I don't care who noticed, but my eyes were all wide and watery at the end of the movie - it is a precious, perfect film; and the Danny Elfman score just makes my scalp prickle... anyway, as promised a few more of those 'apple pie' image-makers you might want to take a look at -

    check out the photography of Nickolas Muray and Victor Keppler - this research you're doing now will sit nicely with the thematic preoccupations of Unit 3... :-)

  2. ... about the perception essay; as I haven't been involved, I can't necessarily appease all your (and others) confusion. However, I do have some very basic advice for you;

    Go back to the brief: below the essay question itself you will find the 'assessment criteria' - unfortunately, I couldn't get hold of an actual copy of the brief - otherwise I would copy/paste the exact requirements, but my point is simply this; use the 'assessment criteria' as cited in the brief to guide and formulate your response.

    So, if memory serves, the first criteria asks you to demonstrate a basic knowledge of the principles of perception; therefore, to begin your essay, you should reflect your understanding of the key ideas as covered in the lecture series - Gestalt theory, semiotics etc - a general statement regarding how our relationship to the world and meanings has been discussed in theoretical terms.

    The next criteria is all about APPLYING that understanding; so, what I therefore suggest is, out of the various theories/principles, you select one/some to develop further and apply them to something; if you were to select semiotics, before you could apply it, you would first have to demonstrate your knowledge of the subject itself - whose idea was it, where did it come from, and what does it 'do' - then, once you've defined Semiotics, apply it - my advice would be to apply it to something 'simple' first - because when you apply it to something simple, what is 'complex' about how our perceptions of it are formed is made very obvious; the example I've used is the traffic light - green = go/ red = stop. Of course, red and green don't equal anything - their significance is entirely cultural and created. Then, once you've applied it to something simple, you are in a position to move onto something more complex.

    The way to succeed in this essay is for you to define the limits of your own enquiry - don't let the whole weight of perceptual theory lead your essay, make the essay lead perceptual theory.

    The other assessment criteria is about 'academic style' in the writing of the essay itself, which is something we've all talked about before - that is, finding a formal 'voice' with which to express yourself and observing the Harvard Method for quotes and citations,

    I know what the essay question says (or doesn't say!), but basically you are being asked to use your knowledge of perceptual theory to 'unlock' an existing image, object or sign. If you're doing that, you're doing okay.

    Golden Rule - when in doubt, use the assessment criteria as your guide!

  3. Okay – just a few important reminders for week 10…

    1) !IMPORTANT! Hand-in for Perception essay is Monday 23rd November (Tomorrow!) between 10am and 12pm at the Design Office (Jackie’s office on Lower 4th – just up from the CG Arts Baseroom). Ensure you complete the plagiarism form; if you’ve misplaced it, ask Jackie for a new copy and attach to your essay.
    2) Your crit on Friday starts at 9am in Lecture Theatre 1; we will be reversing the register order – so we’ll be starting with Simon Watts, then Richard etc. There will be a named folder on the Lecture Theatre 1 computer: as soon as you arrive please copy your 3 finished scenes into the folder in readiness for your presentation.
    3) All Maya exercises should be completed for Friday morning so Alan can assess them while you are in your crit.
    4) Upload to your blogs your 3 final concept paintings plus a minimum of 5 preparatory studies for each painting that demonstrate clearly your comprehension of the source material and the representation of space. Your supporting research into source material and for written assignment. All drawings from life-drawing classes. Your modeling & UV layout tasks, lighting & rendering tasks, and first digital set as specified in your technical classes.
    5) Please can you ensure that you have a printed copy of your essay to submit in addition to the digital file on your submission disc.
    6) Also – please ensure you copy 3 scenes and essay file into named folder on computer in baseroom by the end of the submission day.
    7) Good luck! Have a great final week – work hard, be amazing, be successful! I genuinely look forward to seeing your work ☺

  4. A clarification; Alan WON"T be looking at students' Maya work until Monday of next week, which means you have the weekend to complete your various exercises. I know Alan has spoken with the class about this already - so I'm just confirming it from an assessment point of view. I'll do my best to post this message on everyone's blog, but if you could spread the word, I'd be grateful. Cheers!