Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Excerpt 1....Hall Of Bright Carvings Sketch Concepts

Finally, here's some of the concept sketch's I had going on...ive had a quite a bit of internet trouble atm, so it's takin a chunk out of my time to actually upload stuff...

I actually found it quite difficult with this Excerpt, because there was so much detail to it, I felt like I was missing some out, so I tried out different angles and focul points./...but then I still felt the same, Unitl I got this one...

It just seemed to make more sense, and even though it is a basic outline, once the details in there, along with colouring an lighting, hopefully it'll bring it to life..

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  1. Hey Bob,

    what was I saying about computers when I did my chat?.... they will always try and throw a spanner in the works. Got some interesting sketches there, would have liked to see more digital stuff at this stage... but that may be down to your uploading woes.

    So the 3 scenes we have are:

    1. Hall of Bright Carvings