Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Hall Of Bright Carvings

So....focusing this week on 'The Hall Of Bright Carvings' scene, I've started concentrating on some of the details before the room itself to create more depth...

Emerald Horse

lol, im afraid to say this is my first actual peice of work on a graphics tablet, but pretty pleased with what I've got so far as a basis....took the reference from one of my photo's from london


  1. I don't think you've got anything to apologise for, Bob - looking good! :-) I think it's good that you found that Ian Miller image of the Hall of Bright Carvings - I know you didn't exactly rate the work, but the Hall does present a really nice environment for the digital artist to imagine... you can 'embroider' beyond that which is specifically described in the excerpt... have some fun with it.

  2. Below is a link to a third year blog - James Garner - who is currently working on an adaptation of an HP Lovecraft short story... check it out and spread the link around amongst your classmates - it will make interesting viewing in light of your current project...