Monday, 2 November 2009

Ian Miller's 'Gomenghast'

So I decided to check out this artist that was recommended to me....and at first, I was a litltle disgusted if that's the right word to say, but that soon past, and was actually pretty cool....especially some of his intrepretations of Mervyn Peakes 'Gomenghast' Trilogy, It's good to see a different side of it, creating more depth....anyway, here's some of the images:

This one in particular is his intrepretation of 'The Hall Of Bright Carvings's' which to me seems completly different to how i was thinking of producing my image....he seems to use alot of quirky shapes and exaggerated colouring, which I did consider, thoough in my version, I want to portray a sense of realism, as well as uniquness..

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