Friday, 13 November 2009

Room Of Roots Sketch's

I decided to leave the Hall Of Bright Carvings for a while, just so I can get a fresh view for when I go back, felt slightly suffocated....But with this particular scene, it feels alot more free to interpret, as well as add creativity...wether it was Phil's comments on my last room, or the nature of this room, I've began lookin at this whole project in a new treating the scenes more Biological, in comparison to the
an empty shell with stuff...

I took some elements from the book, and changed to them to make the image more effective, for example, the window and the steps at the edge of the room, I made to look as the the tree roots itself have torn there way through the room after time...for a more natural look, as it's more uncontrolled....

I started using Negative space as a darker tone to higlight the objects in an area, which i found quite effecitve seeing as this was quite a confusing picture with the branches everywhere

Side Steps/Branches

Steps Front

Trunk Root

Trunk Platform

Final Sketch...

With the window itself, making it more into a doorway, with the steps escalating towards it, I wanted again to make it seem more life-like, an 'imperfect' and to carry off the look of the roots bursting through the room, I made it look like the brick-work was falling away, with the branches seeping through, perhaps moss growing inbetween the edges would make it look more effective...along with the branches which in the Excerpt cover the room entirely, this I feel wouldn't be as effective in with the inspiration of H.R Giger...I want to intergrate the branches and roots into the make the room more distnict, aswell as having extruding branches covering some of the view..

I'm quite pleased with the genreal concept of the way it looks, and feel that even thought it's a central peice, it still works...but challanging this could be my next step..

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