Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Fallout 3

So i've been thinking about showing some sort of broken, desolate environment in my work, in contrast to a normal setting, and i'm really intrigued by the typical amercian suburbs, and it's darker side.....and this game fits in perfect, with it's quirky references to 1950, it's set within an alternate reality, based in 2277 AD
where the world has fallen vicitim to a nuclear war with japan, becoming a wasteland, over-run by radiation and mutation, some of the survivors living in the 'wastlands', where others reside within containment
facilites called 'Vaults'....

The games look is completely centred around the 1950's, aand although it's 200 years after the era, it mix's advanced technology with suburban landscapes, which seems entirely surreal, alongside this, there are elements within the game that reference the traditional 'perfect american suburban family' and those cheesey pin-up and catalogue poses......which they combine with horror, action, fantasy, sci-fi....a basci all rounder that works effective in all areas.

But here's the general look of the game....

And here's some concept art....

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