Thursday, 17 December 2009

InFamous....'Sucker Punch Productions'

So I stated playin this within the last week and just completed it yesterday, and found the game overall statisfying, with it's Non-Linear (Sand Box)gameplay it leaves the game with alot of depth, and sense of personalisation, which is conveyed through both Good and Evil Parameters, allowing certain choices to detrmine the course of the story, as well as the free roam option, accessible both before and after the manin story's completion.

The story is set in a fictional city which has been 'attacked' by a terrorist organisation, unleashing a virus  in the form of a a bomb, that has given certain 'powers' to the organisation, as well as the Protangnist, which have all been sealed within the city after the Government placed a Contamination Barrier around the location, stopping all entrance and exit. In a nutshell it's about the struggle of bringing the city back to it's orignal state, and wiping out the terrorist threat, your traditional Superhero story, but with a twist, as the gameplay allows you to be it's 'Saviour', or it's 'downfall'...

Alongside this, the overall look of the game is great, with it's comic book origins, it sucks you straight in at important points in the game, and althought the key parts of the storyline are illustrated,(which are amazings vibrant and detailed, containg various amouns of textures, related to comic styles, as well as a paint spall in comparions to cutscenes within other games, it works, with the narration of the Protanganist explain the events unfolding, it really gives a edge to the whole game...

My only cristicism to the game itself, is that there was too much gameplay, althought the play was good, with it's 'Parkour' (Free Running) elements, enabling you to explore various cityscapes in the game, alongside the 'super-power' ablilities that you can evolve as the game progresses, there wasn't enough storyline to literally 'grab' the player into the game, especially how the game ends, thought there's room for a sequel, it's nevertheless a great game and a must play

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