Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Invasion Of The Body Snatchers 'Don Siegel'

Focusing on the contextual reference of the time period, in particular, when communism was a hysterical parnoia sweeping the nation of 1950's america, known as McCarthyism, there are elements within this film that play upon these points, irrational judgements, disloyalty, subversion, and effected all level's of society, stating that there was a Commonist movement within American Society, supporting the rise of thus, and putting fear into the public, by recklessly judging anyone who showed difference, and the effect of this upon the people accused,  suffered loss of employment, destruction of their careers, and even imprisonment, pretty much making them a social outcast, which left this feeling of paranoia that anyone could be a 'Communist, of 'Communist Sympathizers'

Alongside it's contextual references, the film explores aspects of a person's life, family, freinds their home, and personal space being invaded by a force to which doesn't belong, changing it, and maniplulating what was once fammilar, expressing a high amount of anxiety, for instance, through the use of this 'Alien' force, the film conveys how 'Uncanny' the change in our everyday lives, can cause a sudden 'anxeity' for instance how the society community within this film has this overall closeness, where 'everyone know's everone', assimalating the heart of america at the time, the suburbian life, a perfect, working class environment, twisted with it's darker underlying nature of being occupied by aliens, portrayed as a mass rather then indivduals, attaining a gorvernment representaion of group thinking, and comformity to thus.

The film futhermore gives insight to this 'Uncanny' genre with it's use of characters, for instance, using a  Doctor as the focual figure, a trusted individual throughout the community (who in contrast to the context seems to juxtapose traditional characteristics of males, i.e, he conveys a smooth, flirtatious, and sexualness towards the opposite sex)arrives home from work, and through his eyes, we inspect the 'emotionless, empty shells' that were once his freinds, and his journey of what was once 'fammilar'...to the 'Unhomely' at the same time, shows us what it is to 'exist', through pain, anxiety, love Don Siegel puts to us that these are important factors of life, and without these, we are 'inhuman'...

In terms of the quallity of the film, it holds alot of contmeporary, classic shots, for instance the stair scene, which builds up alot of suspense, as well as the dramatic music.....the town square shotas well, where the begin to 'truck out' the pods, is a very strong image, at the same time, reminescent of the work of Gregory Crewdon, who uses this 'Hover', alongside this the film, shot in black and white, really has this rich quality, hinted slightly by a sepia tone, it creates a slight atomosphere that add's to the films narrative.

Overall, this film from a personal view certainly feels to be the grand-daddy of sci-fi, intially playing upon paranoia it leaves hints to it's social context, as well as manipulating how we take take our society for granted, and shun difference from it, twisting the things we treasured once, and replacing them with emptiness, creating this overwhelming sense of unrest, and anxeiety, through the use of doubt, and although the film doesn't particularly have grand 'special effects' it's the lack 'spelling it out' that makes the film itself play upon or minds...

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