Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Possible Settings For Piece....Idea's

Okay, so I'm still in early days gathering research at the moment, which I've focused mainly on the Film Medium, but I have some possible settings that I want to explore that I feel I can manipulate in such a way to portay the 'Uncanny', by turning the 'Fammiliar' against us....

House/Hotel (Directly tapping into the Unhomely)
Hospital/Police Station (Manipulates saftey)
Playground/Fairground (Plays on children aspect)
Street (Again, playing on the Unhomely dirercetly)
School (Plays on)

In hindsight, I don't particularly feel that the scene itself is that important, yes the suggestive elements within the scene should convey their surroundings, but I feel that the actual elemtents I have in mind are so simple that they could perhaps be included in most of these... and I especially want to focus on portraying an american suburb aesthitic...

I've been thinking recently that to capture the esscence of an environment, that maybe I should visit these places and take photo's of them, I've actually seen some good settings around, such as delapated buildings, powerstations...that I feel personally could add a whole new element to my work...

.....so that's probably my next step

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