Tuesday, 8 December 2009


Okay...so I'm not too sure which dierection im sposed to be researching in, I mean it's hard to come by 'uncanny' artists, but I kind of find myself veering towards film research and how the 'uncanny' elements are captured and portrayed within them, both phsyically, and metaphorically.....and older films seem to be inriched in these qualities.....

On another note, I have some idea's swimming around my head, particualrly focusing on the 'suggestive', but nothing specific, like a scene, but the elements with them I have figured out....

Just a bit confused to be honest lol

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  1. Hi Bob,

    I don't think you're confused - a bit vague maybe, and it's time you started thinking through visualisations - get drawing. Looking at the uncanny in film is fine - and you've already got Ron Muek sussed. You need to put specific ideas down, so you can quickly see how effective they are - your ideas are no good to me if they're 'swimming around your head' - published and be damned! I look forward to seeing your ideas very soon.