Thursday, 3 December 2009

Ron Muek

The special effect's-turn-hyper-realist-fine artist captures life in his sculptures to the best possible accuracy, from the invidual starnds of hair, down to the pores in the skin, it just goes to show attention to detail can really push an inviduals work that extra bit me personally, there really is this high sense on unease around his work, however fantastic it may be, perhaps it's the preciseness of that 'life-like sense in his work, alongside the inanimate status, that makes it appear that there is this 'pressance' about the figures, almost like a corpse if you well as this, he further challanges our perception of the human figure by manipulating the scale of them, to either be realistic, or hugely over-exaggerate....

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  1. Wonderful images Bob, I can't believe none of them are real people. Thanks for posting