Friday, 11 December 2009

'Saw Series' James Wan

Now im not your vivid 'Saw' fan, that everyone goes crazy for blood and guts, to be honest, i think it's a cheats way out to attract an audience, an the story, in the first few films may have had some credibility, but it seems to me that they have become trapped in their own deivces...

Although, creativley speaking, outside of it's own generics, it does carry some really great elements, such as the overall look of the sets, as well as it's use of colour, the grimey, stained walls and decaaying surrounds really give the spaces in the film so much depth and style, as well as some of the use of colouring that appear to portray an eerie effect, and these elements are somthing I've been considering texture wise to include into my own work....

Here's some images from the series

As you can see, most of the film's have this 'decaying' sense about them, with their colour pallete's staying loosely within green/browns, almost like a rustic effect, along with the stains, and the sense of neglect/abandoning, it really works well to convey the aesthics portrayed within the films

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