Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Tableaux Vivants, and the Uncanny Valley

Ok, so after the two lectures, I've got quite a good understanding of what these terms mean, but there's so much to consider when trying to create the 'Uncanny' atmosphere, not that it's a particular bad thing, in fact, there's alot of various ways to portray the said theme, as though tools used in tapping into the viewers mind...

Here's just some notes I took in consideration..

Tableaux Vivant Points:

Tableaux: basically translated to a 'picture' formed by living person's caught in static attitudes..
The basis combining both theatre and painitngs, or most modernly photography, particularly conveyed through the use of mise-en-scene(arrangement of elements within a scene, i.e scenery, props, lighting, actions, costumes...etc), also helping to catorgrize the narrative to a thematic group or genre..

Ambiguity: the property of words, terms, images and concept (within their particular context) as being undefined, undefinable, quite vague and unclear, or the interpretaion of a said subject in variety of ways.

Some artists I found to be particularly useful in terms of portraythe theme of 'Uncanny'

Edward Hopper, Painter
Jeff Wall, Installationist/Photographer
Bernad Faucon, Installationist, Photographer
Gregory Crewdson, Installationist, Photographer

The Uncanny Valley Points:

Uncanny: (prefiz belonging to repression)Neither terror, or mild anxiety, it appears easier to describe what it's not catogorized in, as opposed to trying to pin point the sense it applies, though could represent a number of elements. A species of frightening that manipulates the well known, and familiar..almost turned against it's owners,

Unheimlich: The Unhimely

Heimlich: belonging to the house, not strange, familiar, dear and intimate, cosily, arousing a pleasant feeling of quiet contentment, of comfort, and safe protection, like an enclosed, comfortbale house (secrets locked away?) inscrutable...

The 'Uncanny Valley' Masahiro Mori, 1978
A diagram depicting a relationship with the resembalnce of humans to objects, animate, and inanimate

The 'Uncanny Valley' 2, Seyfried
Following the basis of Mori, Seyfreid extends the valley into the factor of transhuman, and how we intereact with such...

Some objects that might evoke these simmilar elements:
Waxworks, Automata, Dolls, Puppets, Disembobied Body Parts, Prostheses, and Mirrors

There's seems to be an unrest when it comes to doubting wether or not an animate bject has life, or wethere the lifeliess object can become animate..along the same lines, where in the lifeless bear an excessive resemblance to the living....often causing the mind to imagine and over-exagerate actions and play 'tricks' on our minds...

Duane Hanson, Hans Belmer, Ron Muec, Diane Arbus

The lectures were a great insight into this eerie genre, and i do honestly feel as though im on the right path to begin researching the area in detail.

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