Thursday, 17 December 2009

Urban Decay/Abandoned Sites

Through a few of my searches, and some help from Jordan Buckner (thanks man) I managed to find a couple of really good sites that have beautiful images from different loactions.....

28 days Later.....Forum for explorers intrested in photography of the Abandoned, though not all are so artistic..

Opacitiy.....Website dedicated to the new life of a Abandoned Buildings




There's some really amazing pictures on both these sites, the contrast from dark, rusting walls, highlighted by the natural light seeping through the crevases, with the vibrancy of moss and erosion, altogether giving a new life into the disfunctional and used, so it's giving me alot of scope in terms of the style and texture I want to go with, and I think I've started to hone down on the specfic environment aswell...

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