Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Freak On A Leash 'Korn'

So.....I was just randomly reminiscing about music, and then thinking about my current project, when this song and the music video itself popped into my head. There's somthing quite unsettling about the children in this video, who decide to sneak in and set up a hopskotch area in some industrial security facility, that just so happens to lead of the edge of a cliff....

Freak on a Leash - For more funny videos, click here

Aside from that, the colours and imagery used are quite effective, as well as the montages at the begining, with it's suburbian setttings, if not a tad bit 'Freaky' with the whole child innocence being played upon, the tonal usage, as well as the style of the actual cartoon does contain that vibe, especially at the end of the video....which is futher complimented by the music....

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