Wednesday, 27 January 2010


This was possibly the hardest part to model, as in hindisgt, the scen I wanted to depict, simply wanst going to happen, in modelling terms, with my inexpeiernce I would have run out of time, so realisticly speaking, I d to come to terms, and pull my focus into a msaller scalled version, as a resulty, I used the cliff edge as my basis for this, with all my pervious mdels situated onto it, I wanted it to appear as though the land before it had been 'Broken' away, leaving only a 'Disfigured Park' bordering the remains of a wasteland of smog and the wake of it's previous industrial concept

With this in mind, I quickly began to make a plane, and manipulate the divisions and vertices in order to sepereate some the flatness, making a more rough, harsh exterior....with the help oif soft selecetion of course this helped me achieve a less drastic approach.....

And with this and the textures, I layed out my scene as follows.....

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