Friday, 15 January 2010


Okay, so here's the scans and final reworks of my summer/own idea's I've had inbetween projects, that I get really frustrated about, hence starting my own sideline journal work, which allows me to document any idea's, wether they be sketches, writing, pictures etc. and stick them into a book, so I can refer back to at of the course.....

So's the the order I created them...



Death In Decadence


Day Old Hate

So here's the lastest one I created, which i wanted to experiment with, combining alot of features into, in particularly introducing a background, it gave alot of depth to the character, disconnecting deom based on a song that means quite alot to me, I used it as inspiration for this piece, as well as using Miss Lauren as the model, everything else seemed to just flow, idea's wise though stylistically, It was quite difficult using a model who you have a close connection to, because you have your own portrayal of them, that you don't want to mis-interpret....

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