Friday, 19 February 2010

Sequences in films.....Research *Coldplay - Strawberry Swing*

Whilst checking out some music and instrumentals, I stumbled across one of my favourite songs by Coldplay, and relised there was an oficial video for the song, so I checked it out, and was really taken aback....

While using stop animation in real-time, as opposed to other works, using simmilar techniques, for instance 'Wallace and Gromit' and Tim Burton's 'A Nightmare Before Christmas' which focus on modelling, this video uses camera techniques to give the illusion of constant movement, on a flat surface, which in this instance is a road, ontop of that, they use the road itself as a blank canvas, by illustrating in the road in coloured chalk to give narratvie to the music, as well as emcompassing objects and combining images with them that seems to give more depth to the otherwise flat projection, which in itself works perfect unison, it's child like deliverence with the pastel colours, and light-hearted plot, alongside the events that take place enhance the sound and delicacy of the cheery song

Here's a really good interview about how they went about creating the video, and what was involved, industry wise also:

This is definately is an element I want to portray in terms of the connection between song and animation, as well character and almost 'cute' sense, which is a rather delicate state to achieve

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