Monday, 22 February 2010

Sequences in films.....Research *Final Fantasy VII Advent Children / Complete*

Seeing as this one of my favourite film/game of all time, and possibly the best game-to-film adaptation ever,(fan boy moment) it was only a matter of time before I blogged about it, especially since it's a CG piece through and through, with ultra real styled characters, that also appear quite stlyised, its intresting to see, from my personal opinion, that the 'Uncanny Valley' seems to be a passing factor as time goes by, this touching upon the first bases of it's development...

That aside, I felt really inclined to blog about this film in terms of both editting, storyboarding and research because it exectues both atmosphere, and style to it's upmost within the CG realm, in such a way, it's feels humanly natural, which is the creative achivement it's intended be on the frontier of realism...(an element which has been boosted with the 'Complete' Blue-Ray Version)

I choose this scene in particular, with the fight in edge, becuase I felt it was a good basis of comparison with the relationship of the ground and sky, and how the camera techniques seem to portray the sense of space and distance, giving depth and logic between the two, as well as the characters, especially towards the end of the fight scene, when Cloud Strife heads towards Bahumat Sin, the cutting between the two characters as they come together appears quite effective, which is why I feel I can relate this scene so much to both my 'Life-Ring' and Hellium Balloon'

Anywho, here's a taster of the scene, which lacks the quality slightly, and has also been dubbed with some pretty good music over the top, but still contains the elemtents I want to portray....

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