Monday, 15 February 2010

Sequences in films.....Research *Land Of The Lost*

I've been thinking alot about what particualr camera angles and styles I think will work particularly well within the region of my story, as a result, I've been sifting through the films and scenes which I thought were shot really stylistic on terms of camera angles techniques, and editting, and wanted to pick apart what it is I find useful from them....

With any Will Ferral film, I'll love instantly just becuase it's him, and I love the way he overexagerates everything, shouting at any given chance, with his smug, but stupid appearence, that said, in this particular scene it seems to work in conjucntion to the movement of the Camera, which is what I really want to anaylise.

This scene for me really begins 1:26, where the dinosaurs enter the frame, panning left to right as though we ourselves are taking in the fear of what is about to occur, the way it's shot itself putting us into the scene through first person. It's from that point on that there characters scatter that really makes the scene for me, with the camera angles that franticaly change height and location, as well as panning left to right, and zooming in/out it really convey the sense we are watching through the eyes of another character, or ourselves in the scene, as well as playinga longside the nature of the film, it somehow resembles films like Blair Witch Project, and Cloverfield, where we see through the 'Cam-corder' documentary style where the camera 'Shakes' to show human movement...but taking away from those serious films, this employs comical elements that are intergrated into the characters, such as Will Ferrall's character, who appears indecisive and unsure of what he's actually doing most of the time, in this scen, it's taken to the extreame through the use of the camera angle well as that, throughout the scene, there seems to be a good use of editting where we are made to believe somthing has occured, but actually hasn't....

All in all, I love the way this sequence employs the documentary style, in a completly different way to other films, at the same time conveying character into the techniques.

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