Friday, 5 February 2010

Storytelling.....My 3 Objects...

Okay, so at first glance, when I recieved the 'Mysterious Envelope' and opened it, I was a bit taken by suprise, with the 3 peices of paper inside, with 3 entirely random words...

Hellium Balloon
Pole Vaulter
Life Boat

As soon as I got these, at first I was thinking WTF, but then started to put together connections between the said objects....

I think my first steps in this project would be to reseach fully into each objects background and daily uses, to get a fuller understanding of how I can connect the pieces together....


  1. Hi Bob! Just a quick reminder that your 'team' needs to sort out a name and email it to Phil...Thanks!!

  2. hay bob heres the video about two hats who fall in love, but got seperated

  3. HI Bob - re. your story: I think you should ditch the prologue wherein the two objects are formed from the same material - too complex; instead, consider having them at one of those seaside kiosks selling beach souvenirs etc. - you'd have a quick way to establish their relationship, before they were both sold and separated...

  4. just a thought - the 'pole' could be the mast of sunken ship that sticks out of the water, allowing the inflatable life-preserver to catapault out of the water - perhaps the life preserver gets seagulls to gather at its very end, thus bending it down so that it can be reached?