Friday, 5 March 2010

My Thumbnails/Storyboarding.....

Okay, so there up a bit late, but here's my two versions of the sotryboarding, the thumbnails seem to be quite messy, but to be honest, I don't think presentation was key in that scenario, only the basic mark marking...etc brainstorming wise, so I could quicly knock them out...that said, It was good to have that initial back up to cut through some of the less effective panels...

First Set

Second Set

Third Set

Fourth Set

Fifth Set

Sixth Set

So here's the storyboarding I finished yesterday, I decided to paint a background, grey with a slight brown tinge to capture a more natural, desolate storm,.....

I hoestly kinda like the way It came out, with a painterly style, though it does feel kind of unclear in terms of  direction, but seeing as there's meant to be a storm, with harsh waves....etc....I thought it portrayed that pretty well.....

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