Friday, 7 May 2010

New Project.....Quick Start 'The Life Of A Slime Mold'

So, whilst still having to finish area's of the last project, i've decided just to push through all that reamining work, and really begin to crack on with the new unit, especially since 'Time Mangement' is key....

Whilst being in the breifing lecture last week, and going through all the possible project area's, I felt quite compelled to the first one, which.....after the interactions between lecturer and lecturees (hugging) to explain the development of a clearer manner to an otherwise 'oblivious' audience....which lighten the otherwise heavy mood....

This sparked of a few thoughts in my head at the time, thinking about both target audience, as well as tonality of the subject....spurring me of again, into another direction im ususally less likely to this

But to offically start this project, here's a basic picture, of the explaination to 'Life Of A Slime Mold'

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  1. Bob,
    You'll gonna love this :)
    Thats what I was trying to say that time, if you remember