Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Okay......(Bathtub Animation Concepts)

So, it's been ages since posting, seeems like i've been caught in some external funk, which has trapt me into not really feeling like doing much, but it's offically time to pull my finger out and crack on with my work....end of.

So this is just going to be a simple post in regards to my previous project, the bathtub, where I pretty much made my main focus the character aspect, which in hindsight really.....messed up the rest of my time mangement, plus the issues with paper, and a pegbar.....nonetheless I do feel like although i didnt reach the hand-in date for all of my work, i did achieve some developing points in regards to building character within context.

So here's some of the more basic shapes I developed, focusing on both Rhino, and Tortoise trying to use aspects of the bath's features to portray the animals character:

And here's another one in reagrds to Elephant features:

After these, I went on to futher develop aspects that translated these aspects more effectively, at the same time adding inviduality to each design:

As effective as each one was in there own right, I still couldn't shake the Rhio concept off of my mind, as I felt this was the one that could really portray my characters drive more distinctively than the rest. From this after choosing the top peice, I decided to develop a more 'whole' version of the character:

Although this is reall effective detailed, in reality, drawing the same shading, and intricate design over and over, whilst trying to keep the saem registration, would not only be time consuming, but would be also harder to achieve the said look, so after some thought, I decided to play down the designs, and go for a mixture of shapes that still portray the wanted effect...

Once finally having a more fuller picture of my character, that was easier to translate....I decided to get a move on with the animation, and draw out a short thumbnail/storyboard.....

In basic terms, the Bathtub wakes up in a DIY Showrrom, not knowing where he came from, who he is etc, but see's people buzzing around him, like flies, because he has slow mannerisms, he takes life at a slower pace in reagrds to noraml people, as a result, he trips into a narcaleptic state from al the dizziness, and falls into a hallucenigetic dream, built of of subconcious thoughts, such as the water gushing from an eye, onto a secluded island, which is built from old 'bathtub' parts, as he ascends to to top, is chased out by a huge boulder, to finally wake up, in real-time, in a dump, where he has remianed after being bought, and thrown away 'attaining a comatose state' meanwhile....

All in all, it's not a very 'fulfilling' story i must admit, and to be honest, that's really what I wanted in hindsight to my last project......I feel in each one I'm focusing more on certain aspect, and developing myself in different ways.

Here's a simple walk cycle I also developed in regards to the animation...

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