Monday, 10 May 2010

Target Audience/Artistic Direction.....Think Board???

For my project, i feel as thought both the Target Audience, as well as the Artistic Direction are both closly linked, as a result, dependant on eachother.

I've had to think about how the audience would react to certain portrayment of the information on Slime Molds, for instance, who would actually be studying 'The Life Of A Slime Mold', i.e, the age group, at the time, and what stage of the curriculum it would be involved in (mostly ranging between Secondary/High School Biology, to University Level)...

These elements come to directly influence the way in which I put across the information in my peice, as well as how it may look...for example, certain languages may not be appropiate, unrelated information may even confuse the target audience at a certian age (teenager's studying for exams, may have too much information to digest) and those of a higher level on the Biology line, might find the information to 'Simplistic'.

That said, I really feel like there is a delicate line to this particular aspect of the Animation, especially outputting the relative information. As a result of this, as well as many ide'as along the pipeline of research, I want to incorporate both Target Audiences preferences into the same piece, by means of tackling and combining both of the techniques informing.

This will inevitably effect my artistic direction, which I feel, the best revenue for this, would be an animation, in the form of a 'Think Board', containing simplistic, yet informative diagrams, conteracted with specific scenes animated, i.e, the point where the aggregated mass transforms into a 'Fruiting Body', a key development in the cycle. Along side this, in bullet-point manner, would of course be detailed information regarding the events....

A prime example of how I want my Animation to look, can be seen in some of 'SquintOpera's' work, how focus on Pre-Visual work, as well as Digital Stills....

Garden's By The Bay


Schools Holloway

In hindsight to this, colours, shapes and sounds seem to be an important part of the artistic direction, especially in terms of my particular 'Think Board' Scenario, they have the both appeal to the auidence, as well as portray the information a result, I feel like the more simplistic, and 'cutesy' the Animation appears (incorporating the three main aspect together) the more the Animation will convey the information....detering from the feel of a lesson, and interacting with the audience on a more Audio, and Visual Level, in contrast to an otherwise, laborious text book, at the same time 'breaking' down the information, into more Bite-Size chunks.....

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