Monday, 5 July 2010

Lean Machine Respawn after the years 'OFFICIAL' end now lol....I feel quite comfortable to start blogging my own work now.....

So here's what I've been frantically working on...which I finally finished last night....but here's some process shots before hand..

Original Sketch

Mid Texture

Final Outcome: Lean Machine Respawn

So after some painstaking trial and error attempts, I finally finished it to the standard I was happy with, I did have some fear as to spoiling the picture itself, by adding to much, such as the texure, and the red ribbon (whish was the most enjoyable part actually).....but I had feel in the balances up pretty well....

Reflecting on the issues I had:

I had alot of problems along the way, for instance, trying to connect the relatiion between the figure, and the background (which I broke away from with blurring some edges to soften the focus as well as darking the underside of the figure, casting shadow)....another was the coloured section, which Yola was kind enough to help with (thankyou) who pointed out it just didnt 'feel right' as it drew to much attention...but with some radial, and motion blur, as well as colour dodge, I was able to tackle it in the end....but the main reason intrestingly enough, was the picture below, which showed me how effective it was whilst adjusting some levels for darkening the image above.....

Lean Machine Reprise

In the end.....I think I've learned to push through those fears, and bounadries seperating my physical work, to digital....and that's what I can gladly take away from the year.....and also......if somthing still feels incomplete, or holds futher it!

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