Monday, 30 August 2010

New/Old Concepts....Sion Caelo Animus

Okay, so I went in search of my old sketch's I had of Sion from when I was creating his character.....Though they are both shocking quality and lacking in technical skill, hopefully you will be able to gather some sort of idea of the style I was going for at the time...however, with the sudden decison to re-invent him, and other possible characters I had in the pipeline....there will be some drastic changes, somthing I'm quite excited about....

Anyway, here's what I had in mind back then....





Escape: Sion and Rain

Fusion: Sion/Rain


  1. Definately see what you were going for when you did these mate, you ever checked out the work of a guy called Yoshitika Amano, its like Hokusai/sci-fi fantasy.

  2. Yes! love amano's work, some of it's a bit perculiar, but yeah great stuff...he also done lots of concepts for the Final Fantasy series, as well as playing art director a few times

  3. Hi Bob... also check out Aubrey Beardsley, especially his line work, it might help you push yours a bit more. He was also inspired by imported Japanese art, so any old school Japanese prints as well as modern Manga should help you with your storytelling.