Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Erin Vis Decorus.....Character Development

Finally....I've come to a satisfied stage with this piece....and it's been one hell of a rollercoaster ride with this peice....taking the long way around to do sections, then fiding there was actually a much quicker route just after finishing, then redeveloping certain area's, such as the facial features, and then adding other elements such as the bandanna, just to give it a little more narrative

I feel from this piece, I've learnt so much in terms of portraiture, as well as the art of digital media....

The Struggles:
I had a lot of trouble with the hair, which the first section I drew, carrying on this technique for the majority of the picture, by blocking, and erasing...which ultimatley didnt work effectively, resulting in more work fixing the problem....Strong reference, in terms of both sketching, and photo's of pose I found are I must from the start, somthing that set me back quite dramatically.

I wanted to give Erin more character, she was looking just too bland.....simply put, I didnt really see much point in 'just' drawing a woman, it's not enough......adding the eye badanna, as well as the jewellary/beads, alongside the stylised hair, I felt gave more depth, with a sense of mystery for example, what's her background, what happened to her eye, ...etc.

The background, I was going to leave white, due to some diffculties with the flattening of the image, luckily, 'richard' was on my case giving me his opinion, which resulted in the dark, smokey texture, coupled with the dark red ribbon, tattered and worn, almost greek like, complimenting the 'Latin' referenced in the name, rereffering to both Vis (Strength) and Decorus (Graceful/Beautiful).....I felt was quite a nice reflection of Erin.

Im at a pleased state with Erin at this time....I do feel as though she has plenty more potential as a character, and hopefully will re-visit her at another stage soon, with more development in looks and narrative

Thoughts and Opinions? 



  1. This looks awesome Bobby, I really like the shading. She definitely doesn't look bland, she looks like a badass.

  2. O my gosh.. you actually fixed all the problems.. the anatomy is so diferent from the last picture, it now looks so realistic ( especially the nose)
    I do enjoy what you've aded to the pece also :) from just a drawing of a woman you made it Bob's drawing of a woman :) And I'm surprised how much detail I found in her hair, around eye, I think you definetly could be a great makeup artist as well :D :D
    Though I would've suggested the background to be darker, just for Erin to stand out even more.
    But overall Bob, I think you're in the new level of drawing and I'm jelous :D :D

  3. Her skin, eyes and hair are amazing.

  4. ah thanks guys, really appreciate it! yeah the background was darker, but a put a lighter blue hue over the final layer, just to equal some of the colour properties...because she just looked too disconnected....