Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Narrative at the Retro-Fest!

Okay, so although I wasn't expecting a 'B-Movie' inpsired project for my first day back at Uni (Though I can't say I'm that suprised lol), I was however aware of the Group 'Styled' unit, somthing I was both excited, and anxious about over the weekend, not that there's anything wrong with my class mates, (diggs hole deeper) it's just one of those things I guess lol, though I pretty pleased with my group I must say, and I am looking foward to getting down the creating process and seeing how well we merge our styles of together.

My group is as follows:


So our randomly self 'delegated' title, and now subject matter is :

The Attack Of 50ft The Alien From Toyland
When it came to deciding a name, unfortunatly Earl wasn't able to make the first intial meeting, just after our breifing, so Me, Yola and Ethan were brainstorming some idea's to try and find somthing suitable, an summed up both us as indivduals, as well as what we do in the industry. I thinkwe all agreed on the poin that we wanted somthing quite strong, and we were headin in the direction of horror, epic sort of branding names, (I was going off on a 'Latin' spree) but eventually, we thought these were too strong for what we were doing at this point, so we stuck to somthing creative, but with a twist, and our end result....

Void Canvas Studio

A nice play on words, at the same time hinting that we do indeed work in the 'Digital Industry'.

Because we didn't have Earl in our 'Creative Clutches', we couldnt sadly delegate and talk about the future of our project to the desired extent, as well as the up and coming few days consisting of new starts to projects.

Although, we have planned out some work over this week, which involves us coming together at the end of it, with Individual Synopsis', and backing Storyboards, so we can all have an input into the direction of the story, by combining relevant elements.On top of this, I've been faced with the task of heading up the logo side of the group :)

I hope we can however get down to the knitty-gritty after our Theory tommorow, and take the bull by the horns, and properly delagate and crack on full speed with this work.

In the mean time, here's the link to our Blog!

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