Sunday, 5 September 2010

Sion (Artisitic Reference)

I've always found when it comes to the mix of sci-fi, and fantasy, I've struggled, since all i can really think of is the hair first? Jokes aside there is some really good work out there that i've been trying to track down for what seems forever, in the area of anrdoids/synthetics/bio-mechs/cyborgs.

I don'y quite know what my obsession with the above is, wether it's the evergrowing reality of them, or the fact that they once were human, but become somthing more...that said....I love them...and find them wholly interesting...and I think that creating Sion is the most of the reason, I can't help but project some of my own qualites into him, wether that's a good, or bad thing im not sure, but maybe 'alter ego' isnt to far of the mark here.

That said here's some artwork that I've found quite intresting to reference from:

MichealO - Amalgamate 2,3

Metal Gear - Raiden

Charlie Bowater - Remember


  1. Nice stuff :) You didn't put the research material of males posing :D

  2. You should also check out Deus EX:Human Revolution and Tron. You might find some reference and inspiration there.