Sunday, 3 October 2010

Ed Wood, Tim Burton '1994'

Ed Wood is a bio-pic based on the legendary cult filmmaker Edward D.Wood Jr, and his journey through the Film Industry in the 1950's. It mainly focuses on the struggles he experiences in trying to make the big time, with his quirky sense of dedication, to honour his idol 'Orson Wells', in particular his piece 'Citizen Kane', which involved him writing, producing and starring in his own film.

Ed Wood also had an obsession with his favourite horror film actor Bela Lugosi, who he befriends and stars in all of his films, emcompasing the 'Evil' in most of his productions, as well as this he used a majority of the same cast in each film, playing simmilar parts in each one. Though his films were terribly accepted, he still carried on trooping, finding funding from where ever possible, and we witness this throughout the film.

It seems however that his personality somehow leaked into his filmamking, as though some sort of reflection of his quirky, almost dysfunctional sense of direction, never paying much attention to his 'errors' (possible due to his 4 day limit) which he found a 'realistic portrayal' of life. It felt as though he was blinded from his own mistakes, somthing that would of course condemn him in immeadiate times, but years later lead to him being one of the most reknowned sci-fi filmakers of his time, eventually reaching a legendary status, dubbed as the 'worst filmmaker ever' and known as a 'Z-List' director. Although this film is possibly an over-dramatised version of his actual life, I'd have to take my hat off to Ed for his percerverence. :)

Personally, I thought the film itself portrayed he Ed Wood, that we sympthasised with him. That said, my reaction to the film, wether it had been aimed to portray it or not, made me want to cringe, just like any other B-Movie. As a result sorry to say, I didn't enjoy as much as what I probably should have.
In that respect, Tim Burton done a great job at employing this 'B-Movie' style, as well as incorporating his own into it (such as the Black & White, coveying a great 50's aesthetic), that Ed Wood was so well known for, and in terms of research for our current project, (based on 'Retro Film's) superbly helped me to understand it a great deal more, and also deal with it by finding it slightly comic. :)

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