Monday, 4 October 2010

Lost In Mancha,'Terry Gilliam '2002'

A documentry turn film, this footage tells the story about the downfall of Terry Gilliam's adaptation of Don Quixote (a novel from the 1600) and the delcate balance between hit or miss in the production aspect of films.

In a nutshell, this film portrays how one man's desires and aspirations for a film, can be blown apart by a series of 'worst-case scenario's'. It's a really great insight into what can go wrong in the film industry, but can also be applied to may others, such as CG, which is probably why it was shown to us, as a guide of 'what not to do', and to also have the ability to comprimise. There may have been a solid Pre-Production behind the film at that start, but this soon started to bleed into Production, with things such as cast, settings etc left to the last minuite.

While watching the film, and obviously knowing the outcome of the film, having been breifed about it prior to watching, I became disappointed because I felt as though the film itself actualy had alot of potential to be great, with it's strong artistic direction, staying true to novel, (which from what I can tell was a lovely imaginativre piece) as well as adding some modern twists, and great locations. The cast as well, seemed to be perfect for the part also, however, this itself became the eventual downfall of the film, losing the main character to what seemed like fate, everything after followed suit downhill, with heavy thunderstorms washing equipment away, and military jets blasting past, ruining the audio in the scenes they manged to shoot.

Alongside this, their seemed to be a split in the team, where doubt began to tear them apart, which is a constant remindedr to make sure there is proper discussion about what is 'best' for the production, as well as the relationship between Director and Producer.

All in all, this film was very good reality check for us, and I will certainly take on board what I have seen, especially at the time of our group project, as it opens our eyes to how much planning and preparation really is key to sucsess, and not letting your ambitions cloud your head so much you cant see what is wrong.

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