Monday, 11 October 2010

Post-Modernity vs Scream

This film, in comparison to the many other horror films that fit into the 'slasher' genre, is possible the most stand alone from the group, because it 'self-aware' to all the cliche's and even pays homage to some of the more classics, such as Halloween, Friday the 13th, even as far back as Hitchcocks' 'Psycho'.

From the very first few scenes, these comparions can be seen, with the phone converstation Drew Barrymores character is having with a complete stranger, discussing their favourite Horror Filmsthat scene ending on a simmilar thread to the killing of the female character in 'Psycho', never seeing contact of the plunging knife. Infact, most of the film seems to revlove around the discussion of 'real-life' horror films, and the comparisons, and realisim between them.

Examples of these:

Biggest star in the film, killed in first five mins (simmilar to psycho)
Ratings of films based on sexual activites.
Sidney's self-awareness to horror films generics (challanging them) playing out the parts seen in so many films, whilst constantly anaylsing the situation, aware of the dangers.
Janitor dressed as Freddy Krugar (pin stripped top, and hat) and referred to as 'Freddie'
Horror Formlua's discussed in the video store, discussing Villians in Horror Films.
Characters state that 'It's the Millenium, Motives are Incidental'.
Reference to how the events are starting to sound like a Wes Carpenter flick (Mix of John Caprenter and Wes Craven).
Constantly stating that Horror Films have lame motives.
States that Virgins are innocent, and always survive, at the same time as Sidney loses her own, suggesting that the 'slutty girl' doesn't deserve to live.
This event also at the same time as a horror movie the group downstairs are watching, in which they are having sex.
Character states that life is infact 'One Big Movie', and you just 'Can't Pick A Genre'.
Great scene that mainpulates the 'mirror in a mirror technique' where the characters are watchina  film, the the characters are being viewed from cctv, and finally we ourselves are watching them.
Group watching film discuss the 'rules of horror'.
At the end, when we find the killer, he quotes 'Norman Bates' (Psycho) 'We All Go A Little Crazy Sometimes).
Fake blood used by killers, taken reference from the film 'Carrie'.

In that sense, it's almost as if Wes Craven is using this film, as almost a dig at how genric and simmilar 'Slasher/Horror' films have become, spinning the genre on it's head, by creating references you would only understand, if you were 'In on the Joke' a very Post-Modern way of thinking.


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