Monday, 4 October 2010

Re-Influence Map - Ninja Character Research

Okay, so here's my re-designed Influence Mao. I really wasnt happy with my last one, so I spent some time going over to look more professional...

Obviously because I got Ninja/Ninja, I've had to focus slowly on this, but it's left me so much variety, that I could pretty much place this theme in any frame of mind I like.

I found myself, leaning more towards the 'Cybotic' Ninja, seen in games like 'Metal Gear Solid'. I think it'll be quite an interesting twist, even Justin Wyatt suggested this from looking at my Map, so I'm going to start chasing this idea.

I'm going to go ahead and post more Influence Maps in the future, about different area's of the 'Ninja' theme, such as weapons/lasers etc...and then possiblly traditional japanese landscapes, mixed with modrn cities, and so on, to get more a variety.

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