Saturday, 2 October 2010

Void Canvas Updates - 2 Weeks

Ok, so seeing as we have to post on both blogs our work, I feel it's probably more appropriate to update my own blog weekly, with the contributions I've made to the Group one....

Here's where what I've done in the last two weeks....

Logo Sketch's

Symbol Design

Font Logo Development

Trailer Title, Font Development

Logo Development

 Text Development

Final Logo Compostion/Colour Palette Test

In-between the the development of the Logo, and establishing meeting times, I've also helped put a majority of the story together, with the help of Yola and Ethan, trying to stay true to the 'retroness' of the theme. We found that if we were to make a strong and defined plot-line, we'd have more to work from, and sequence the final piece would make alot more sense....the story can be found in the following link....


With the story being so defined, only telling the necessary details, I was able to construct a summary of the film in the shape of a synopsis, trying to further add the '50's' feel to the piece. I found a good way of actually writing in this particular style, is to 'put on' the stereotypical 'cheesy' voice, to see how it sounds. The synopsis can be found here...


So this is pretty much what I've contributed to the group over the last 2 weeks. I think we're at a good stage at the moment, with a solid idea of what we are trying to achieve. Next week I'll be heading up Character Design, and more R&D :)

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