Monday, 29 November 2010

Character Design: Character Bio's & Relationships

Okay, so here is the final summary of each Character's personality, and their own connection to the story....

Name: Nova Electus
Age: 23
Archetype: Hero
Gender: Male
Height: 5ft 9in

Home-town: New Japan
Weapon: Gun-Blade
Personal Traits: Strong, Loyal, Caring, Honourable, Outgoing, Determined 

Bio: A young man, once part of the elite guard for his king, now cast into the irradiated wastes of his secluded homeland, for a murder he did not commit.
Granted the power of the ‘ancients’ by the gods, he is destined to travels the wastelands, and find out why his king was killed by the dark forces of the gods, among many other journeys along the way.

Name: Cipher Emanio
Age: Unknown
Archetype: Villain
Gender: Male

Height: 6ft 1in
Home-town: Unknown
Weapons: Bolt Katana, Plasma Grenade, Laser Shuriken
Personal Traits: Dark, Powerfully, Sinister

Bio: The leader of the dark force sent to Assassinate the King of New Japan. Not much is known about this individual, only that he also has acquired the power of the ancients from the god, and has allegiance to the dark powers of the world.

Name: Ivurie Custos
Age: 19
Archetype: Sidekick
Gender: Female

Height: 5ft 3in
Home-town: Salvage Society
Weapons: Mech Staff/Spear
Personal Traits: Cute, Fun Clumsy, Adventurous, Curious Excitable

Bio: A young, curious girl from a forgotten salvaging village on irradiated land a distance from the sealed border’s of New Japan. After scouting through the wastes during the night, hearing the festives from city afar, she finds a half-dead Nova, taking him back to the village and nursing him to health, once his hearing his story joins him on his quest for the for redemption, on behalf of her village and her sense of adventure

Character Scales:
Here is the relationships between the character's in terms of height:

Character's Silhouette's:
Here are the silhouette's of the charatcer's

Character's Crystallis'

And this complete's the character bible :)

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  1. Did you ever finish these designs, they're pretty good so far w/ the bios and the sketches (better than me).