Sunday, 28 November 2010

Character Design: Cipher Emanio (Villian/Ninja)

I spent great amounts of time on my villain, simply because it took me ages trying to adapt the futuristic armour to the body shapes, in a believable way so it appears to be able to move. As well as that, I wanted to apply my own styles to the armour plating, and stay within the constraints of traditional villains.

That said, here are the basic shapes I worked with to build my character from:

I began starting to use more square\triangular shapes to try and evoke the sense of a powerful form, with hints of danger. Also, thinking back to the first few character design lessons, I wanted to try and make the figure slightly more elongated, to make it seem more unnatural, with an athletic build for the 'ninja' element.

After the basic shape was built, I began focusing on the costume design, because I felt the armour itself should act as a second skin of sorts, to aid the sleekness and stealth of a ninja. I found this the most difficult area of this character, because of the folds and creases in the skin, there would be gaps in the plating of the armour, allowing more mobility that a ninja would have. At the same time as this, I wanted to incorporate shapes to further evoke the nature of this character, more importantly triangles.

Basic Costume Sketch

Costume Development

Costume Development 2

Final Costume Development

After getting to this stage after a long bit of development, I began to explore and develop more of a style with the character and possible shapes I could add on to the amour to give him more character:

So here's my and I quote 'Polished Turds'

Chest Exploration

Back Exploration

Arm Exploration

 Leg Exploration

After creating the possible designs for the armour, i realised they were way to complicated, in terms of this project in particular, also, very confusing. It's possible the designs also could be conveyed as quite constricting to the characters movement, so i attempted to water them down for a more casual appearance.

After working so long on the body, I needed to concentrate on the head, here are some developmental stage of what I had in mind. Although there were man, I needed to some how convey a sense of technology and incorporate the sense of a ninja and portray it as a Villain.

Cipher's Helmet Development

Eventually, I chose the end one to develop futher, using the central eye as it's way of vision, I wanted the helmet to also have the essence of a shell.

Cipher's Helmet

 The blue lighting on the casing of the helmet is to signify the technology inside, such as sensory information and logistics etc... also, the lens on the front is expandable, almost like a shutter, to portray certain emotions...

Here are the turnarounds I created after developing these parts of the costume

In regards to expressions, i did find it slightly difficult to try and portray some emotion that this 'emotionless' villain would portray, especially since his face is covered in a mask. with that in mind used the sensory lights and steam, as well as movement of the jaw to show more a aggressive nature.


Upon finishing these parts of the character, I needed to focus the the props and weapons of the character. I put quite a bit of research into this section of the character, as these things will help not only define the 'Ninja' origin of the character its assassin qualities, with heavy roots to Japanese culture, but also convey the technology of the time period my characters are in.


Double Bolt Katana:
Using the the power of the Crystallis, this weapon gauging it user's power, deploys high frequency electrical current through it's double blades, acting almost like a Tesla Coil.

Plama Grenade:
Using it's user's crystallis, energy is stored into the orb, which acts as a grenade and deploys the energy in a violent explosio.

Laser Shuriken:
Once thrown, the charge from the user's crystallis emits a high frequency beam towards the aimed area.

Once I finished of the props, I moved onto the pose I wanted to portray my character, here are both the original shapes, and final piece.

This is as far as i got with developing Cipher, I must say I defiantly spent the majority of time on him, literally because I was struggling with the costume and shapes. Hopefully the time paid off, and he is a character I'm quite proud of. I may revisit this character in the future and develop him further once I have a better understanding of character design.

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