Monday, 29 November 2010

Character Design: Ivurie Custos (Mage/Sidekick)

With Ivurie I must admit at first I was very unsure about how I was first going to approach creating her. I obviously had in mind a very comical character, but at the same time, i did however want her to have a serious look about her, to fit into the world my other characters are in, so a needed to balance what kind of look they had and combine it with her 'Salvaging/Tribal roots in a feminine way, at the same time carrying across her cute/spunky look.

I spent a bit longer on Ivurie's shape development, given the fact she's a sidekick, I needed to keep i mind her proportions to make it seem that way, especially in contrast to Nova. I used more curved shapes, as well as a slimmer physique. Although she does live in the wastes, so I had to consider this, so she would have quite a fair build. Finally, I gave her longer legs in contrast to her torso, to make her look slightly more athletic.

After making the shapes for Ivurie, i swiftly moved onto designing how her face would look. I wanted to encompass many different elements, such as cute, curious, spunky, strong and tribalism. I first made her chin more larger, as well as adding a slight edge to it's curve, on top of this, I purposely made her eye's bigger than what they should be, and added some makings to her face, adding the tribal element. I feel I acheived this the look i wanted quite well, and can really feel the potential energy between Nova and Ivurie


After creating the face, I went onto to make some expression for Ivurie, as she is a sidekick, i wanted only to touch upon a few emotions, most of which would contrast Nova's to balance out, but here are the main emotions she would show in the story....

Ivurie's Expressions

Once I sketched in her basic design into one of her shape development,  and had her face details done I decided to go straight in with her development into the turnarounds, purely because I felt the fact that she could portray most of her character through he face, at the same time not trying to make the 'Sidekick' over complicated in comparison to the 'Hero' and 'Villain'.

Although I really feel this character works efficiently, I think I may have over complicated her slightly in her design, as well as made her a bit too battle-ready. I think the best way to challenge this would be to soften her edges more, and make her slightly more cuter. However, i still love her either way, and feel she ha a lot of potential.after this i then went on to design her Weapons/Props. given the fact that she is a Tribal/Salvager from the wastes, I felt asthough one weapon would be enough for her at this time.


Mech Staff/Spear
This weapon, salvaged from the pains of the war, as the power to harness the user's crystallis, and cast spells depending on the user's ability. It can also be used physically as a spear, deploying short blasts of power from it's centre point.


Finishing the rest of the development I moved onto my final pose for Ivurie. I must admit, im not very fond of this pose, although it does show how Ivurie would look for that angle, it does lack the correct perspective, as well as some dynamism.

Ivurie Pose

All in all, i am quite pleased with Ivurie, defined as a character, although she may not work very as much as she should as a sidekick, and there is a lot of room for improvement, I do feel like she has a great amount of potential, something I will most definitely will take further later.

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